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do avatar finales always turn into dbz battles


Muhammad Ali


In which Spiderman becomes the Internet.


i needed a bit of a break, so i sketched this AMAZING Monica Rambeau design by Jordan Gibson

finally home, now its time for diplomacy to fail

and for me to unite-kick some ass.


I’m Netkeeper. I like drawing monsters and animals and OCs and stuff. I’m here to draw reaction images and reference images for roleplayers! If you cannot commission, I would greatly appreciate a reblog.


Reaction images: $1, +$1 for flat colour! Colour becomes free after the fifth image if you commission more than five at one time [so if you wanted 10 coloured reactions, it’d be 1 for each, and five for the colour for all 10].

Sketches: $4 for bust, $8 for full body; +$4 per additional character

imageCleaned-up lines: $8 for bust, $16 for full body; +$4 per additional character

Coloured: $16 for bust, $24 for full-body; +$8 per additional character

imageColoured with background: $24 for bust, $32 for full-body; +$8 per additional character

Poster [these will be mailed to you, and are around 30 inches tall, 24 inches wide, coloured with marker]: $50 +shipping, PLEASE ask for multiple characters on these lmao

  • I WILL draw: Furries, monsters, OC/canon fankids, ponies, turtles, fantrolls, humans, robots/Transformers, kink, canon characters, canon AUs, minor animations
  • I WILL NOT draw: genitalia [just not good enough at it yet], comics, 2014-movie-styled turtles, full body humans, full body robots/Transformers
  • Prices may go up a little bit if you’ve given me something with a crazy amount of detail, but I’d let you know before I started on it if that might be the case
  • I cannot livestream my art, but I can screenshare my art as I draw it with the commissioner via Skype call
  • If you want shading or specific colour schemes, they do not cost extra, but I need to be informed if that’s what you want. You can also choose for me to add shading to a coloured drawing after I’ve finished it if you feel it’d look better.
  • Please send commission requests through my submit box or fanmail. Do NOT send asks, they might get eaten!
  • Prices are in USD, and I can only accept via Paypal right now.


WIP - Just surfacin fer some air folks. Hopefully I can ink these later this week. ;d

Left to right: Wonder Dredd, Wonder Skull, Wonder Rage and Wonder Kyun. 

Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey