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This is the Life of a Sheep Dog

alright im outta here

thanks to those who supported me!  it truly meant a lot.

ill see you all sometime

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You’re spiraling. Stop it. Yea, you made a mistake, but now you know not to do it again. It’s that simple. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Forgive yourself, and move on.

nah, it wasnt just that one comment.

i do see a pattern in the things that ive written and the things that i write now.  its pretty hard to explain though.

my sister has damn near left tumblr for similar issues, i think.

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2 weeks ago on 29 March 2014 @ 5:59pm

tumblr has taught me a lot about how to be a less terrible person

but at the same time, its also a place that seems to routinely ignore latin@ folk.

someone made a comment once on something i wrote that said something about me erasing latin@ people because i didnt even bother mentioning them in a post about race and ethnicity.  and at the time, i scoffed at the comment because i thought “i AM brown, how the hell would i erase myself?”

But that comment stuck with me.

i read what i had written what felt like 100 times; over and over and maybe that person was right.  

its getting to the point where i am actually beginning to think that i DO erase myself and my identity from discussions.

because latin@s are ignored a great portion, maybe i am ignoring myself.

this isnt good for my mental state.

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All-New Ghost Rider Issue #2 (Variant) by Felipe Smith

WOW. I’m really loving this design!


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A roundup of all the comics I made about dating a trans man

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i finished samurai flamenco

i still dont get it.

2 weeks ago on 29 March 2014 @ 4:57pm


Tokatti doodle… he is my favorite one :D

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zoddamnit replied to your post “well now im just irritated.”

no man watch power rangers feel better

yeah i might just get off of tumblr and watch power rangers for the rest of the day.

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2 weeks ago on 29 March 2014 @ 4:28pm

i really want to play infamous now.

2 weeks ago on 29 March 2014 @ 4:28pm

well now im just irritated.

man, and i was feeling good after that kickboxing workout.

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