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seriously and what the f**k happened to christa!?

mirksilua replied to your post “okay, that scene with lee was not about lilly at all”

From the small amount of twdg I played I thought lilly (the ugly way to spell my name cough cough) was rather unimportant after her father wasn’t in the picture. Like her importance ended long ago. Season 2 sounds awful…

shes a big part of the game for about 2 full parts, but not beyond that.   

and she really didnt have some sort of long lasting effect on lee or clementine in a way that was important to the plot so to frame an interaction between lee and clem as actually being about her is just disrespectful and gross.

but people will erase the shit out of even the main characters if there are white characters in the background waiting to be defended.

season 2 IS awful.

gokaiirin replied to your post “well i paid my downpayment on my sick new house”

I honestly thought you meant in real life and I was about to congratulate you until I read the rest of it.

always read the fine print. YUUUUU

Anonymous asked:
It's why i sided with Jane, i disliked Kenny more. I also felt like Kenny was being a bigger ass than usual in this episode.

Jane was also really bad too, though no one beats Kenny.

but the writing in that final episode was just awful all around.  so many plot contrivances in the worst way.

Jane hid the baby to provoke Kenny into a life or death duel?  that is maybe the most amazingly ridiculously bad plan ever.  i mean…why?  the game tried so hard to make people side with kenny, but kenny was awful all the time.  arvo shot clem for literally no reason, literally.  you always sided with him against kenny and he shoots you anyways…and he accuses you of stealing…even when you dont steal a damn thing.

if i had to bullet point everything wrong with the season, i cant even imagine how many pages it would go on for.  season 1 obviously wasnt perfect, but it was WAY tighter than this shit and the group from s1 was way more likable than almost everyone in s2.

i woulda killed kenny and left jane because theyre all garbage.

okay, that scene with lee was not about lilly at all

you gotta have some hardcore white-washed glasses to think that she was some sort of focal point instead of…oh, i dont know, the TWO CHARACTERS OF COLOR. to erase not one, but two black characters, the main protagonists even, to support the white one? damn.

especially since if you left her ass, shes not even in the scene.

and maybe its my general dislike of this season, but this dream sequence feels cheap. i love lee and clem together, but season 2 seems to have spit on so much from season 1, that this just feels almost out of place.

although now i can pretend that s2 was just a horrible horrible dream that clem had and isnt canon, hah.

WOW the writing in the final episode of twdg s2 is bad

why did arvo shoot clem?!




why is the game trying so damn hard to push kenny as the one you need to side with.  its not good writing in the least.  its so forced and just nonsensical. 

its honestly baffling to me how telltale seems to just change characters personalities on the fly to fit the story in some instances and in others change absolutely nothing when things should change after major decisions.


well i paid my downpayment on my sick new house

which will house my new throne on the roaming town of Rhullo.

i guess thats all i can do for today.

ate a fortune cookie, it says

"He who believes he has a pure heart is probably just a beast in denial"

It’s like this town knows what’s in store for them

this bear gave me an ugly ass vest

and hes wearing an ugly ass purple shirt.

and he said hes gonna show my letters to everyone in town.

time to start my propaganda campaign.

ragingrexasaurus replied to your post “IS THAT FROAKIE WITH A MUSTACHE!?”

what other villagers do you have!??

a bear…some rabbit thing i will destroy that keeps calling me lil ears, froakie, a penguin and a horse

takeshihongo replied to your post “i get to plant a tree in honor of me?!”

you dont even get a home at first.


ragingrexasaurus replied to your post “i get to plant a tree in honor of me?!”

over like 1 million bells

it was 10000! you scared me

ragingrexasaurus replied to your post “YOU PEONS DONT HAVE A HOME READY FOR THE MAYOR YET?!”

im crying

these villagers will soon be crying!